One of the main activities of this project is to organize an AI course at NURE.

The course “Artificial Intelligence for Information Technologies” was established in NURE and has 5 ECTS credits. The course itself is divided into two parts, each taught in the winter and summer semesters respectively. The course is based on the AI textbook “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, and the Berkeley’s introductory artificial intelligence course. NURE is one of 6 universities in Ukraine, who officially adapted the course into study plans.

At the moment, the course is being run on:

  • Faculty of Information and Analytical Technologies and Management
  • Faculty of Information Radio Technologies and Technical Information Security.

We want to note, that the focus of the course itself is slightly different in each of the faculties because of the different scientific focus of the faculties.

A website for NURE students has also been set up as part of the course, with guidance notes, videos and useful links.
Course lectures are conducted by Prof. Dr. Oleksandr Kuzomin, practical and laboratory works – by Ass. Prof. Oleksandra Dudka.

Screenshot from the website for NURE students

The next course will start from the new spring semester of 2022 (starting from 14.02.2022). Prof. Kuzomin will teach the course for bachelor students of specialities:

  • 122 – Computer Science. This course will be conducted for the group ITINF-19-1 (lectures, practicum and exercises);
  • 126 – Information Systems and Technologies for the groups ITIR-19-1 and ITIRu-20-1 (lectures)