Kateryna Nosyk
Computer science student, 4th year at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

I am an exchange student at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Now I study computer science and do an internship at the L3S Research Center. Being in Ukraine, I thought about participating in exchange programs.

Now I have already spent 2 months here, during which I have definitely gained invaluable experience. In the first weeks it was definitely difficult, as it is a new country, new rules, new environment. Each new student has to pass the whole way with accommodation in a dormitory, receiving a bank card and other documents. There is nothing to be afraid of, because the staff of the international office at the university and the students are always ready to help. It is also possible to listen to a lecture for beginners at the beginning of the semester, which contains a lot of useful advices and recommendations. For example, I found out about the Study Buddy service, thanks to which I met a local student who helped me to adapt to the new conditions.

A great advantage of this exchange program is the opportunity to gain practical experience on real projects at the research center. The student has the opportunity to choose exactly the area in which he or she would like to develop. And for me personally, the practice of the German language was an undeniable advantage, as I have been studying it for several years and wanted to communicate with native speakers. In addition, there are a huge number of people from all over the world, so you can improve your knowledge of other languages, English definitely!

I am very glad that I decided to take part and arrived in Hannover. Living in Europe, you can gain experience, travel a lot, improve yourself, get acquainted with new cultures and acquire new competencies. All of this will undoubtedly help in further education and professional activities.