Yehor Trembovetskyi
Java Software Developer at Hacon Ingenieurgesellschaft

In the middle of my third year at university (2017), I put my mind to possibility of studying abroad. By that time, a friend of mine had already started Erasmus program.

I took three or four courses of my own choice. They were Image Analysis, Data Mining II and Foundations of Information Retrieval. A student is much more independent in Uni, only you are responsible for measuring your workload and tempo, adjusting deadlines and choosing right people for projects. I experienced particular difficulties with recognition of my study results from Leibniz Uni in my home university. At the same time professors in Ukraine appreciated and highly valued my experience and that played a good role in overall summary. That is a sign that Ukrainian educational space is on the right way to integrate our educational space with EU.

As soon as Erasmus is an international project, people come from all around the globe. It is always fun and rich for memories time. Hannover is a very nice city to live and is located in the middle of Germany, which allows you to travel equally comfortable in all directions and within EU as well. One of the advantages of Hannover is that a so called Hochdeutsch is spoken here everywhere. German language proficiency skill really matters in Hannover, comparing to other big cities of Germany.

In conclusion, I’d like to say: this possibility was something new and it turned out a game changer for my life. It is challenging, but totally worth it to study in European university like Leibniz Uni.