Not all the students from NURE, who are willing to write their thesis in L3S, can come to Hannover. Some of them are already working, have a family or have a fear to live in another country. In order to avoid this and help the Ukrainian students, we offer the opportunity to write a bachelor or master thesis remotely under the supervision of a mentor from L3S.

By writing the thesis under the supervision of both the German and the Ukrainian sides the student can gain more experience as both parties work in different directions. The student can make a research project by discovering the latest developments and applying theoretical skills or working on a real project by implementing new ideas.
From our side, we will also help the student with the writing part.

Each semester, L3S offer a list of topics, which a student can choose for their future thesis. A full list of topics you can find here or you can propose the topic of your interest.

If you are a student in NURE and want to write a thesis remotely – fill in the application form.

Please note, that English skills (at least B1) are required in order to communicate with your mentor, to describe and to write the written part of your work.

Participation in the project is free of charge. You will not receive the scholarship, but in the future you can apply for the internship if you will show great results and most importantly your motivation to learn every day something new in your field of study.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay