A lot of researchers visit Research Center L3S every year. During their stay, they participate in the projects of their interest by working in a collaboration with other researchers, share experiences with each other and bring new ideas.

L3S propose various directions of work and as of today there are more than 60 projects in the fields of production, mobility, medicine and education. Besides, incoming professors can actively participate in the lectures in local university and present their researches to the audience.

A research visit is planned for the time period from one week and up to three months, depending on the researcher’s goals and/or planned visit.

Your research stay will be supported by public funds within the framework of the project “Digitale Bildung und Künstliche Intelligenz”. Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 700€. Living expenses will be reimbursed depending on your academic degree:

  • for PhD students – 54€ per day (up to 22 days) or 1200€ per month (up to 3 months);
  • for Postdocs – 89€ per day;
  • for Senior Researchers – 96€ per day;
  • for Professors – 103€ per day.